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Drawing common themes to Trump from Wallace, Perot and Buchanan before him (and I would maybe add Ron Paul). It's populism and nationalism that doesn't fit very well on the linear conservative-liberal spectrum.
More evidence of what I was telling you all yesterday. PPP Polls (a Democrat firm) has a national poll out today with new numbers on the 2016 general election. With all caveats about the usefulness of polls this far out, there is plenty of data to show that Hillary Clinton is deeply unpopular with the electorate.

Only Krispy Kreme and Paul have worse unfavorables than Clinton:

Bush 28/51 (-23)
Carson 41/30 (+11)
Krispy Kreme 24/57 (-23)
Clinton 36/55 (-21)
Cruz 29/47 (-18)
Paul 19/57 (-28)
Rubio 32/41 (-9)
Sanders 31/39 (-8)
Trump 35/53 (-18)
Walker 27/42 (-15)

Let this sink in: Hillary Clinton is less popular with the electorate than Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.

The head to heads mostly favor Hillary, except for Carson, who is tied at 44. Fiorina and Trump are within the MoE (FTR, I still think Rubio is the most electable in the GOP field).

Where does Hillary go from here? She has near universal name ID, and people simply don't like her. Did I mention that a Democrat-leaning sample in a Democrat poll has Hillary Clinton with higher unfavorables than Ted Cruz?

Hillary isn't going to change course based on her charm. It's a problem that she cannot fix.

I think it was time to give up the ghost, but if the adults in this race can't gain traction it might be worth it to save things from Trump.