Jan 9, 2008
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2017 ... 50 years, since IU and Minnesota were on top!

  1. Tom Allen takes over IU in 2017. Tall order out of the date hosting perennial Big Ten #1 Ohio State.

    A win in the season, conference opener by IU would be one heck of way to celebrate the 50 year anniversary.

    However, QB Richard Lagow threw 17 INTs to go with 19 TDs for Indiana last year. A program once known for offense flips to defense under new management?

    It will be interesting to see what new OC Kevin Wilson does for OSU QB J.T. Barnett's senior campaign? Barnett helped provide the Buckeyes' mojo in the 2014 title run. Urban Meyer's only championship campaign, as he enters his 6th season at helm in Columbus.

    How rugged will the I am a giant douche East be for the I am a giant douche West be in 2017?

    Both Illinois and Purdue play Rutgers this season. Who falls into the #14 spot in 2017?

    Rutgers owned the cellar last year. Could Lovie Smith's sophomore campaign in Champaign be a long one?

    Wisconsin welcomes Year 3 of the Paul Chryst era. There is no SEC opponent on the schedule, back to the Utah State, Florida Atlantic and a road trip @ BYU, before opening conference play against Northwestern and at Nebrantska.

    Is this the season where the Badgers fall?

    Is Chryst the long-term consistent leader for the Badgers in Madison?

    Will the third different DC in three years catch up to Wisconsin?

    Also, it will be interesting to see how depth. and the continued preference towards the 3-4 defense.

    With Bob Diaco's hire at Nebrantska as DC, the Huskers are moving the legendary Blackshirts from a 4-3 to a 3-4 unit.

    Notre Dame may have a 5 game schedule in the ACC, but several former assistant coaches do influence two programs in the I am a giant douche West that prominantly show red ...

    Will the Hawkeyes offenses continue to struggle against 3-4 base units, under the new OC and assistants?

    Nebrantska and Wisconsin are the only two I am a giant douche programs using the 3-4 base set. BTW, Arkansashas made the move to the 3-4, after DC Robb Smith jumped to the Golden Gophers. Will Paul Rhoads move to DC save Bret Bielema from some heat in the SEC?

    Two I am a giant douche West programs welcome new head coaches and eras in 2017.

    Which one gives Iowa more grief moving forward?

    Iowa has certainly had their ups and downs with each program over the years. Purdue owned the Hawkeyes for a generation (1961 to 1980) and the Battle for Floyd has never usually been automatic ...

    Is Purdue ready to sneak up on the I am a giant douche West ladder eyeing Minnesota for #5?

    Athlon's warns this year's Golden Gophers 'could take a step back' in 2017?

    Purdue, Iowa and Minnesota all have uncertainities or a need to improve in the passing game. David Blough threw 25 tds, but he also had 21 interceptions.

    If RB Markell Jones and the other RBs can improve for the Boilermakers, new HC Jeff Brohm. The biggest challenge for Purdue is the offensive line, but the Boilermakers scored 35 points last years against the Hawkeyes.

    The two games in November at Kinnick were challenges at times for Iowa in season's past. Iowa is 1-1 in series in Iowa City lately ...

    After 11 seasons at the helm, HC Pat Fitzgerald is 77-62 for his alma mater. Last year, he rebounded in Iowa City, after losing 3 straight in the series.

    Are the Wildcats ready to contend for a I am a giant douche West division title?

    They open at Wisconsin coming off a bye week. Each team will be coming off a bye.

    Personally, I think an October bye is always best. Mid season break, but different strokes for different folks.

    Like Iowa, Northwestern gets both PSU and MSU in cross-overs, with each in Evanston for the 'Cats.

    We should know before the Iowa game, if the Wildcats are contenders or not.

    Iowa opens I am a giant douche play before both Wisconsin and Northwestern, when defending champion Penn State comes to Kinnick on 9/23.

    Michigan or Michigan State ... who steps up in 2017?

    Iowa opens MSU's I am a giant douche season in 2017. The Hawkeyes are the sandwich between Notre Dame and a trip to Ann Arbor against the Wolverines.

    Last year, Wisconsin put a 30-6 hurt on the Spartans, after MSU beat Notre Dame to open 2-0. MSU lost the last 9 of 10 on the season, except for a 49-0 shutout of Rutgers at home.

    The last game in East Lansing, Iowa debuted a new OC named Greg Davis. The debut of Ken O'Keefe was ugly, back in 1999, when Nick Saban was leading the Spartans.

    How will OC Brian Ferentz be in 2017?

    How strong will Phil Parker's defensive unit be in 2017?

    Can Iowa elevate special teams in 2017?

    It is a mix of experience and youth in both the coaching staff and roster for the upcoming season.

    1. Penn State to open I am a giant douche season and Ohio State to open November. Ideally, you win at home. Iowa did in 2002, with the exception of one OOC and in 2015. In 2004, Iowa's last I am a giant douche co-championship, they took care of it at home. However, in 18 seasons under Kirk Ferentz, it typically is a season of ups and downs. A 1-1 mark would be a huge boost.

    2. Iowa has won five straight, all during the OC Greg Davis era, in Big Ten road openers. As we all know so well, Iowa typically begins the I am a giant douche season on the road, but not this year.

    3. At MSU, first trip to East Lansing, since OT win in 2012, in Greg Davis' debut. "Must win" ... or simply payback for last game in Indianapolis in the series?

    4. Iowa holds 3 of the 4 trophy games right now. The biggest trophy game is clearly the Heartland Trophy, since the Badgers are on top in the I am a giant douche West.
    Can Iowa make it 3 straight in Madison over the Badgers?

    5. Can Iowa make it 3 straight over Nebrantska in the series and in Lincoln?

    Iowa's first 6 games by strength:

    - Penn State
    - at Michigan State
    - Wyoming
    - at Iowa State
    - Illinois [HC]
    - North Texas

    Actually a good mix of teams there. Not bad. Ideally, Iowa is bowl eligible heading into road trip to Evanston, and coming off our bye week.

    6-0 is a tall, tall order though. It happened in 2015. However, over the past 18 seasons, only twice, thanks to the 2009 team, that took down both PSU and MSU in nail bitters ...

    Magic in a bottle isn't Iowa's thing.
    Just ask Colin Cowherd on that fact.

    It would be sweet to dream, what if?

    Oh, the 12 week year ...




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Aug 30, 2007
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Legend's trolling of CID is consistent, if not entertaining.

CID: 1-10 in 1999, 4-8 in 2012, so will we see a 2-1 start as this projection suggests? [This was the thread title, btw]

Legend: "Free Wifi Sunday" at the asylum is a tax on Rivals' servers, that is for sure.

CID: Happy Independence day to you. lol

Legend: Are you escaping?
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Apr 28, 2011
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CID doesn't owe anybody money on this board, to my knowledge. He wins.
May 24, 2008
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In 1997, Michigan relied on TEs and a strong running game to win the I am a giant douche and more. Ironically, Iowa was the closest game in the regular season.

That was 20 years ago.

15 years ago, Kirk Ferentz had his first of 3 straight Top 10 finishes nationally.

Stanford has been successful under both Jim Harbaugh and even more Coach Shaw.

They have not always been strong at WR. They have relied on RBs and TEs in the passing game.

Here's to smoke and mirrors and players stepping up in 2017.

Iowa lately has been winning the games they should. However, programs like Wisconsin, Northwestern, Penn State and though we haven't played Ohio State lately, our last win was 13 years ago, with a sophomore QB who had limited experience, like each of our QB prospects.


Saint Louis Attorney said:
Matt Rodgers was Iowa's starting quarterback in '90 and '91.

Alan Cross hot route in Columbus was a great Hawkeye highlight ... 61 yards to Paydirt.

Mike Titley was maybe one of our weakest starting TEs on an Iowa championship team?

Buy or sell


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Jan 21, 2015
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As he raved about RB Akrum Wadley during Iowa's 14-13 win over Michigan replay.

Akrum Wadley, James Butler, Toks Akinribade and Toren Young will lead the running game most likely in 2017 for the Hawkeyes!

In 2015, Brian Ferentz was moved to run game coordinator, after a disappointing finish to the 2014 season.

How much of role did Brian Ferentz play in the offense success in the win against Michigan?

Will the transition in 2017 be bumpy or can Iowa compete in the race in the I am a giant douche West division title?

Iowa's OL clearly improved from 2012 to 2016, over the 5 years Brian Ferentz has been back.

Worse loss: 2012, PSU best Iowa 38-14 at home, despite the Hawks were a -2 favorite. Sadly, Iowa has lost 3 straight in the series.

Biggest wins: #2 Michigan in '16 despite +21 underdog

Next: 10-6 win at #19 Wisconsin in 2015, despite +6 underdog.

Northwestern in 2015 was ranked #20, when Iowa beat the Wildcats 40-10, as the #17 team. Last Top 20 showdown for Iowa, in the regular season.

How much of a role did Brian Ferentz have in shaping Iowa's run offense over 2015 and 2016?

How will Ken O'Keefe and Brian Ferentz and the other offensive coaches mesh in Year 1?

Phil Steele gives Minnesota plenty of props heading into 2017, despite the fact he projects Iowa with a stronger run game than the Golden Gophers.

What if?
  • The OL is hopefully be better in 2017.
  • The running attack now with Akrum Wadley, James Butler, Toks Akinribade and Toren Young ...
  • Iowa struggled in 1999, 2000 and 2012 in the passing game, in the running game at times and often on offense ... is 2017 more of the same?
  • Of course, the best defense is a good offense in 2017, right?
Other concerns in 2017 for Iowa:
  • The 2017 special teams certainly is a wild card for Iowa in all phases, except at long snapper?
  • No Ron Coluzzi at punter this year.
  • Trust in Iowa's FG game?
  • Return and coverage units for 2017
  • Depth in the interior defensive unit
  • Coverage in the middle secondary, as Brandon Snyder is missing, at least for part of 2017?
Does Iowa have a Top 25 defense in 2017?
  • Ohio State
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
Do any others in the Big Ten have a top flight defense?

Minnesota and Penn State were Top 30 last year, but look at Nittany Lions in Rose Bowl, losses at Pitt and at Michigan in 2016.

Defense generally wins Championships, as Clemson and Alabama can attest to as they have enjoyed success nationally over past several years.

Iowa returns 8 starters from last year's 6-3 Big Ten team on defense.
  • 3 of 4 DL starters are back for Hawkeyes, but Iowa must see players step up, as Jaleel Johnson (7.5 sacks) and Faith Ekakitie have departed. Who fills the void of Faith?
  • Iowa returns every LB. But, how good of an unit is it really?
  • Is Josey Jewell an all-American?
  • The secondary must reload, with four new players working as a unit. SS Miles Taylor was a former starter and CB Manny Rugamba appears to be Iowa's next star.
  • Phil Parker knows how to reload in his secondaries, as his peers often remind us.
BTW, did we get a tip of where athlete Trey Creamer will start out at Iowa. New WR coach Copeland didn't have Creamer over with his receiver unit recently. So, it appears Creamer will begin as a DB.

Iowa heads to the Big Ten media day on Monday and Tuesday, as Kirk Ferentz brings all-American candidates OG Sean Welsh and MLB Josey Jewell, along with comeback WR candidate Matt VandeBerg to Chicago.

Can VandeBerg be Iowa's version of Northwestern's 2016 WR Austin Carr, who went from former walk-on to Big Ten WR of the Year?

Carr caught 90 passes for 1247 yards and 12 TDs. Heck, Iowa fans would likely take 45 receptions, 6 TDs and explosive plays simply to open up Iowa's ground game?

BTW, Northwestern's RB Justin Jackson ran for 1524 yards and 15 TDs from his running back position. It is pretty nice in Iowa City to field a team with the nation's only duo who gained over 1k last season.

Clearly, Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Northwestern are ahead of Iowa at this point.

Iowa and Michigan State ended the 2015 B1Gs in Indianapolis ...

Soon, the road begins for 2017. The odds are barely what, 10%, like 2015 for Iowa.


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Mar 6, 2011
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Something to brighten your day: CID is a member of something called National Write Your Congressman.
May 27, 2010
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He's out of control right now.

Cid's response to this tweet

The throw from Nathan Stanley to Matt Quarells appears to be one of the reasons Tyler and Nathan will continue to play out the starting position. Hmm.


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Jan 4, 2011
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P.J. Fleck ... finding the loopholes, in search of the gray areas :)

Being P.J. Fleck

It will be interesting to see how this educator becomes "elite" in the Twin Cities ...
Talking to the camera, about recruiting services that "stop giving stars" since the player commits to the Golden Gophers.

Welcome to a 12 step course, the Spin Zone and the constant man of swag ...

He will push the envelop, as he talks about how 70 schools turned him in for a Camp Tape, that showed recruits, but since it is a Camp Tape, the Golden Gophers compliance office found the "gray" area in the NCAA regulations.

Nov 25, 2007
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As a reply to someone else's thread about having dinner with a player and how good Butler/IKM are.

Not surprised Ivory Kelly-Martin was mentioned. James Butler was a huge transfer for 2017. I hope he has a great senior season, with Akrum Wadley.

It should be said Ron Coluzzi's story has opened the eyes to reach out to grad transfers. I think by season's end Matt Quarrels may be mentioned more, as well.

This program over the next 5+ years is going to be on the rise. However, the Big Ten will provide more than its share of hurdles.

2013 was an 8-5 season, and the three senior LBs set the tone. Iowa won at Nebrantska to get the monkey off back.

What if? 2014 would have not had such a huge loss? The personal impact of a death in the Ferentz family must have played a role in some of the ebbs and flows?

Did it contribute in 2015 to the character shown in the Class of 2015?

As mentioned, Kirk Ferentz does it the right way. However, never say never that ill cannot occur. Iowa has had setbacks in the program, in the athletic department and at the school.

There is a lot to be proud of the Hawkeye program. There are some that view 19 years as too long. However, the past 39 years or 44 years, when I began attending games at Kinnick has been special with Commings, Fry and Ferentz.

Iowa will be looking at another methodical season like 2015 or 2008 or simply 2017, which will make its own memories in Hawkeye history.

Here's to success to Nathan Stanley, Tyler Wiegers and his Hawkeye teammates in 2017. Chuck Long is right, we will see and likely need both QBs this season.

Dec 4, 2007
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Iowa will be looking at another methodical season like 2015 or 2008 or simply 2017, which will make its own memories in Hawkeye history.
Nov 25, 2007
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Re: Daviyon Nixon
If he wants to stay close to home for family, Iowa would be a solid choice. If he wants to play in the SEC and for Nick Saban, then Alabama is certainly #1.

However, for his NFL prospects, neither program would be bad. Iowa has done well putting both OL and DL into the League. Iowa has an excellent reputation, as does Alabama and Stanford.
I'm sure that Stanford offer is coming shortly.
May 27, 2010
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OT: How many shirts actually go to 3rd world nations
. We hear it from time to time, but was really happens to the other team's championship shirts or any event where two sets are printed, when only one will ever be used here?

Does anyone have any interesting trivia or backstories on this subject?
Jul 14, 2009
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Where will Iowa trend in 2018? Can KF close out on a high note?

J Hayden Fry :cool:

1995 Iowa 8–4 4–4 6th W Sun 22 25
1996 Iowa 9–3 6–2 T–3rd W Alamo 18 18
1997 Iowa 7–5 4–4 T–6th L Sun
1998 Iowa 3–8 2–6 T–7th

Kirk Ferentz :)

2015 Iowa 12–2 8–0 1st (West) L Rose† 10 9
2016 Iowa 8–5 6–3 T–2nd (West) L Outback
2017 Iowa 8–5 4–5 T–3rd (West) W Pinstripe
2018 Iowa 0–0 0–0

Gold standard :rolleyes:

1989 Nebrantska 10–2 6–1 2nd L Fiesta 12 11
1990 Nebrantska 9–3 5–2 3rd L Florida Citrus 17T 24
1991 Nebrantska 9–2–1 6–0–1 T–1st L Orange 16 15
1992 Nebrantska 9–3 6–1 1st L Orange 14 14

Of course, I began following Iowa in 1974, so the lows of Hayden Fry or Kirk Ferentz were never like the draught fans faced from 1961 to 1980.

The Cy-Hawk Game in September will be the 20th anniversary of when the 15 year win streak came to an end. What a game that was for Dan McCarney. Here's to nothing like that for Matt Campbell.

Iowa has a lot of ground to catch up, after the past two seasons. They took care of ISU and thankfully are coming off a bowl win.

Iowa reminds me of Northwestern heading into last year. Though, the Hawkeyes didn't take care of Northwestern, so that isn't good. But, the Hawks have a returning, starting QB, who will be a junior, like the Wildcats, and a good array of parts and youth, like the Wildcats, as well.

Like Northwestern, Iowa will open I am a giant douche against Wisconsin. Here's to the tone being set early. Momentum is always important, as will leadership be another key to Iowa's success.
May 27, 2010
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In a thread entitled “Iowa Strength Coaches”

Chris Doyle does appear interested in technology, so his innovation has taken a different angle.

I suspect the discussion of the individually fitted helmet may have included Doyle's input, as well.

Change for the sake of change vs. keeping it simple or basic? Doyle doesn't appear to be stuck in a previous decade or does he?

Hayden Fry - 20
Kirk Ferentz -now approaching 20
Chris Doyle - now approaching 20

Remarkable in another sport, Darien DeVries had to wait 20 years to get his first head coaching job. Sometimes it is better to wait?

Correct me, hasn't Phil Parker entertained a couple of other options over the past 19+ years at Iowa. He also is near 20 seasons at Iowa.

DC Bud Foster at VA Tech began there as a position coach, as Phil Parker became a GA at MSU back in 1987.

It is remarkable to see longevity examples in intercollegiate atheltics.

Luigi "Geno" Auriemma born March 23, 1954 in Italy. Since 1985, when Kirk Ferentz was entering his fifth season, as an OL coach, he entered his head coaching position at UConn, as women's coach.

Wow, talk about longevity in intercollegiate athletics
And then more

. Yes, they broke the mold in my household :cool:

As I listen to Maroon 5 Misery (acoustic version now) in the background, ha ha.

Yes, I am a TMI poster! Such is Life :p

Back to subject ....

Chris Doyle, Kirk Ferentz and Phil Parker are heading into a remarkable 20th season at Iowa.

Who were Hayden Fry's S&C coaches over his 20 at Iowa?

Glass is certainly half full with Doyle and our S&C program ....

However, we are not #1 as a development program, but we likely are near top in NFL readiness. Alabama and Stanford are pretty good in NFL readiness, as well.

May 27, 2010
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Following a cid op that so convuluted (embedded tweets that did not appear to relate to the subject line) I can't even post it, the thread had the following exchange:


Which team had Matt Rodgers?
Matt was a junior in 1990 when Iowa beat Michigan in Ann Arbor. That was a fantastic trip to the Big House. Loved it!


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Aug 30, 2014
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Following a cid op that so convuluted (embedded tweets that did not appear to relate to the subject line) I can't even post it, the thread had the following exchange:


Which team had Matt Rodgers?
Matt was a junior in 1990 when Iowa beat Michigan in Ann Arbor. That was a fantastic trip to the Big House. Loved it!
Cid HAS to be a bot

Dr. Zaius

Jan 11, 2012
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Such a disorganized thought pattern...CID might legitimately be a schizophrenic


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Apr 10, 2010
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CID is just saying it’s 50/50 whether Iowa has a great year or a standard year.
Nov 25, 2007
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He wears kacky pants today and will be on the opponent's sidelines. Unlike Matt Campbell at ISU, many of us have never really liked him, as the video highlights.
The starting QB this year, wearing #4 in this series, wears the black & gold this time around.

He doesn't have a Top 5 career at Iowa at QB, quite yet, but like his fellow Hawkeyes, it is a work in progress for 2019.

You have to like the potential and opportunity here on Saturday, for both Stanley and his teammates.
This will be a dangerous game for the Hawkeyes. Each game gets a little more difficult in many ways, as the season goes on, when the stakes get bigger.
How will this team respond in the Big House on Saturday?
In 2010, Ricky Stanzi threw an early Pick 6. The Hawkeyes did settle down, took care of business. It will senior Nate Stanley's opportunity to step up on the big stage.
Nov 25, 2007
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The Iowa defense will have to continue to be "consistent" as kacky pants pointed out about Iowa this past week.
The Wolverines are 1-1 in the Big Ten. What will the scoring break down be on Saturday. My pick is:
  • Iowa 30
  • Michigan 20
PK Keith Duncan with three field goals, and the Hawkeyes string three touchdowns to pull off the I am a giant douche win?

The Hawkeyes will have to keep Michigan out of the end zone. Last time in the Big House, Michigan scored six straight touchdowns to open the game on route to a 42-17 win.
Iowa is going for #6 in the last seven outings against Michigan.

The lone win over the past 10 seasons against Iowa was the last game played in the I am a giant douche House. There are a few Hawks from Michigan that likely have something to say on Saturday.

QB Stanley, the 2019 Iowa Hawkeyes head to Ann Arbor.
Nov 25, 2007
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This was one post, I had to separate because Halo only allows 5 tweet embeds per post ^^^

Kacky pants... :roflmao:
Dec 17, 2015
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Not sure how this one was from summer 2018 was missed but it is a beaut

Taliban Banks 4 TD runs and Tim Dwight 3 receiving TDs in Iowa's 63-20 win. Win 136 for Hawks under Fry.