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Nov 13, 2007
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Leave the political aspects for the OT forums.

Listening to David Porter from yesterday, why does The Gazette view David Porter's personal opinions deserve front page coverage?

Listening to KCJJ interview, some of this is nuts.

Committee members have the right to privacy and David Porter gets that, but then goes into how did we get there.

The program is so great, as David Porter says now.

The Committee he lead was making progress.

The coaches and the guys there every day have to do the work.

So, very odd.

Kids, 17-22 year old kids, they are basically idiots.

David Porter seems too concerned with the court case.

Bring a new coach from outside, new staff.

This doesn't have anything with football, even with the offense.

Special team. Podcast with Colin Cole, this a special team, "amazing."

Relationship with Kirk Ferentz, like anybody in a family, highs and lows. I fight with my brothers and best friend.

Hope Kirk Ferentz would answer the same.

Clearly, he was upset of dissolution of this Committee. Kirk didn't give David Porter a heads up.

James Daniels spoke to his position coach. Talked to Kirk. Talked to Gary Barta. Nothing changed. Tweet in June 2020.

Loyal to the Program. David Porter believes he is also loyal.

He doesn't see the why there was disrespect from the coaches. They were unprepared for the meeting.

It got contentious.

David Porter asked, what is your role and what have you done to foster that?

Lost 500 follows on Twitter Rob Harty said.

Fans need to get their facts straight. David Porter had to pay for Zoom and his tickets for games.

Coaches worked on the DEI plan and attended classes.

Rob's counterpart just said the coaches didn't want to do it.

Some coaches did answer the questions and David Porter expected 100% of the coaches to answer.

This was the first initial meeting with the coaches.

David Porter was asked why he was selected as chair.

He said optics wise it looked good. Game captain in 2015 and check a lot of boxes.

Good relationship in past with Kirk Ferentz.

Rob Harty has a concern with new Committee. Why does Kirk Ferentz get to pick who he wants. Yes people?

Cat watching the canary.

David Porter wants procedural justice.

Be objective people are needed Porter said.

Jordan Lomax emphasized that what matters is the current players. Rob Harty mentions Tyrone Tracy.

He said it is more than current players. David Porter suggests former players are needed. 🤔


David Porter wants to bring his life experience since kids are in weeds and can't see the entire forest.

The 2022 team is what matters for Hawkeye Football from I think many fans perspectives. Certainly Kirk Ferentz's perspective.

Alumni want to be involved. They know. David Porter wants to make it a family atmosphere.

Well, I guess fans can say a lot of things. David Porter looking at it as a father. He didn't say it.

He was a Fry recruit. Oh wow, that is what Hayden might think, David?

Such a long time and Hayden had a different approach.

Ferentz is a system coach. Process.

Hayden ran from the gut.

Phone call from fan. Text message chain comments on January 2nd.

Ferentz would fall on the sword for a coach or for his son.

Everything was done after the season. Nothing to do with the offensive performance. That is a fan perspective.

He is a Hawkeye brother. I was the Chair.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

David Porter keeps wearing two hats as this is interview goes on.

Rob asks what can David Porter still do?

Kirk Ferentz is open to suggestions. Kids have my number, David Porter said they can reach out.

David Porter is a Hawkeye for Life.

I am here with everyone else.

Are you surprised no one else has spoken up. From the beginning, I have been the one. These other guys are very important people, big to do.

I get their need for privacy. Rob mentions Scott Dochterman off the record person.

Other guy with Rob thanks David Porter and taking one for the team?

What team is that gentleman?

Comparing David Porter to James Daniels, Rob Harty suggests. Wow.

Putting it out there, best for program. David Porter surprised with 2029 extension.

Kirk's contract game after. Our meetings with Kirk are tough conversations. The truth can hurt and sometimes you have to hit with a hammer.

One perspective for a while, David Porter said. We all fight it. Acknowledged Kirk and you can see respect there.

The staff wasn't ready. They were dealing with adults, not kids.

For a volunteer committee, with no initial experience between Committee and coaching staff, this sounds like a bad situation set up to fail, 7 games into a very challenging 7 weeks of the game.

KCJJ twosome happy for Kirk's extension, Rob's buddy said.

David Porter mentions it is systemic and quotes Hayden's hay in the barn.

Third party objective?

Not sure David Porter is fully objective.

We all come with bias.

Evy - 20 years of darkness - Fry - Ferentz