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Jan 4, 2011
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Hell, we can't even get consistent buckets on set plays after a TO. Real teams convert at a 75%+ clip on those opportunities. MSU was near 100% last night.
Well, your study refers to the NBA, and it's limited to late game situations, which is certainly not what I'm talking about. It appears that you either didn't play the game, or played for a crappy coach. While I didn't play college ball, I played for a HOF HS coach with 400+ wins. After every single time out we ran a set play that was designed to result in a very high % shot. Our goal was 80% made buckets on those sets. These were plays that we were constantly changing throughout the season so that they were difficult to scout, and therefore difficult to defend. If you know anything about basketball, every team operates this way coming out of a timeout. MSU was nearly flawless last night after time-outs. We were lucky to get a good shot off.