**Official 2019 Iowa Football Season Thread**


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Aug 29, 2007
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Actually, now that I remember, the lack of touchdowns this year and struggles from the 30 yard line on in are easily explainable.

That is what happens I guess when you lose a pair of NFL 1st Round TE's to throw to in those situations.
It because Nate wanted to get Duncan some hardware. Can’t win the Lou Groza if Nate was tossing TDS. Real team first guy
Sep 15, 2016
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Stanley has the great misfortune of missing the era where QB’s were drafted by stupid metrics like who can throw a football through the goalposts on one knee from the 50, or who can break the most WR fingers
I know most everyone has sort of written Stanley off (including me a lot of times), but I still think once he gets free of Iowa and starts his NFL Combine and Pro Day testing that he is going to shoot a lot higher up draft boards and someone might take him way earlier than expected.

He's huge, he has a cannon for an arm, he actually throws a ton of beautiful and accurate passes and he has a lot of good intangibles. Stanley has also played really well in shotgun with the field spread.

There are only 5 teams in the NFL that take more snaps under center than from the shotgun. There are plenty that do a mix of both. He would fit that model really well.

Maybe he will always be too inaccurate and too much of a pants shitter, but he is a smart hard working kid that might end up being a solid starting NFL QB.
Not to go cliche but he is a shorter Big Ben. He stays way too fuckin long in the pocket, absorbs a ton of pressure and never gets rattled. You could drop a bomb with a 30 second timer in his lap and he’d be like “you guys wanna grab some pancakes after this?”

He’s a much bigger Jay Cutler.
Roethlisberger as a rookie was 10x the athlete Stanley is and has a much more natural feel for pressure. Part of the reason he held onto the ball too long was playing under Arians as an OC who gets all his quarterbacks killed.

Stanley has more in common with Mason Rudolph than Roethlisberger.