**Official 2020 Iowa Football Season Thread**

Nov 25, 2007
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I don't remember if it was Kirk Morrison or someone else, but Beth's color guy the last few years has been absolutely terrible. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but she isn't completely terrible when you consider that retards like Steve Levy are getting in the MNF booth.

Edit: After googling, it was definitely not Kirk Morrison the last few years. I would bet on a former NFL LB like Morrison being decent.
Dec 15, 2007
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Not to rehash, but I finally decided to go into the demand letter to see what these fools think they have on Iowa.

The accusations are basically the same ones that our friend Robert T. Green publicized over the summer and I won't rehash those here.

The theories of liability are basically Title VI and 42 USC 1981.

Title VI says that no institution that takes federal money can discriminate against enrolled individuals on the basis of race while they are enrolled. The hurdle this bunch has to clear is the statute of limitations - any lawsuit has to be filed within two years of the offending conduct or get tossed out of court. The most recent transferee out is Aaron Mends, who left in December of 2018. Everyone else left the program in 2014-17, which means their SoLs are lapsed. There are many clever lawyers who try to argue that various and sundry acts can toll the statute, but those clever lawyers always get shut down by federal judges. (Mends still has two months on his, but he has to prove that the discrimination he experienced basically happened between October of 2018 and December of 2018. At best, his claim is, um, circumscribed.)

42 USC 1981 says that you can't discriminate on the basis of race in the making of contracts. The argument, as best as I can tell, is that the alleged discriminatory acts qualify as some kind of employment discrimination against the individuals. The statute of limitations for 1981 is 4 years, so in addition to Mends we also have Joly, Parker, and Wadley with non-time-barred claims. The others would be time barred. Even clearing that hurdle, though, you have to successfully argue that the ex-players were employees of the University, which is a questionable legal argument (and one argued unsuccessfully by Northwestern athletes some time back). (Then again, this particular attorney is apparently suing various and sundry entities for slavery reparations, which, well, speaks for itself.)

TL;dr, they're up a creek without a paddle and hoping to catch a fish. Good luck to them.


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Nov 26, 2007
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It will be real interesting if former players end up testifying on behalf of the program.


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Aug 4, 2008
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I'm sure that the coaches would prefer not to get involved, but if they were willing it would be brutal for the players to sit there and hear.
Reminds me of this:

Random but I thought cool story. On the most recent Russillo Show podcast he had Jeff Saturday as a guest.

Ryen asked about when he was cut as an undrafted free agent by the Ravens. Jeff said it floored him because the day before he talked to his position coach Kirk Ferentz and that Ferentz told him he was going to be in this league a long time. Said he has what it takes.

So Saturday said he was just there as a camp body at first, then ferentz gets his hopes up and then the next day he’s crying because he was cut.

Ryen asked if he loves or hates KF now and Saturday said no he thinks he’s great. Said KF told him he had no say in the decision to cut him that morning.

Then he said KF is an “I told you so” type of guy and when he came to Indy for something he made sure to tell Saturday he was right.

Adding to the story, when he was cut he said his paperwork had a summary sheet thanking him for his time but that they were moving forward without him. It was a form letter with a "Reason" section with three options - injury, lack of need at position or "doesn't possess necessary skills" or something to that effect. They checked the last box for him and he said it was such a gut punch. Just flat out being told you're not good enough.
Jan 25, 2009
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Still no update in regards to fans at games

Looking forward to the offense this season. LaPorta is going to be great and the WR's are fun

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Sep 29, 2014
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It these players get anything at all what is stopping all former black players from doing something similar?


Aug 24, 2007
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How many halo lawyers are living by this motto?

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His website is, um, unusual.

It's not REALLY a law firm site, and he claims to be a part of a larger firm, but the larger firm doesn't list him as one of their attorneys. Lots of video of him on TV, though. Also, you can join his "academy."