Gearing Up


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Sep 5, 2007
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I had breakfast with Mr. Zaddick at the CR airport last week. He was on his way to the OTC. An interesting side note is that the S&C Coach, even though a paid coach, isn't allowed in the coaches corner at meets or tournaments. He thinks he'll have a little trouble keeping off the mat.

We need more aggressive individuals like this in the room. And I think this coaching staff accomplishes that. MZ says the room has a new feel to it. Having wrestled under Coach Z, he said you can feel the difference in coaching styles, and the way it transfers to the wrestlers. He also said there are a number of "gym rats" in the group and they keep the room hopping all day long. Sounds like we are in for a wild ride this season.


Sounds like the room is slowly turning the corner. I have seen many rooms go into the dumps and it is a long climb back up, and I am glad to hear that Brands is bringing it back.

Thanks for the tidbits.