Purdue's women's basketball placed on probation



INDIANAPOLIS - Purdue's women's basketball team will lose two scholarships for this season and the school will spend two years on probation after the NCAA ruled Wednesday that a former assistant coach helped write a research paper for a player and made more than 100 improper recruiting calls.

The NCAA, however, did not punish then-coach Kristy Curry, now at Texas Tech. That decision was made even though the NCAA infractions committee said it was "troubled" that Curry had been told about the violations twice and did not immediately report them to Purdue officials.

Aug 27, 2007
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I've never understood why the coach, that ends up going to another school, never ends up getting punished especially if they know about it.

Did Sampson get punished in Indiana when he took the job there? Or did he get off of his punishment at Oklahoma because he switched schools?


Happens all of the time. Coach sees the smoke and start the feelers out. It is easier to head out of town than it is to face the music, and be personally responsible for your actions.

This is why I never udnerstood why questionable actions by a coach don't raise more of a red flag to kids. That coach could be gone in a few years, but you would have to sit out for a year to transfer. The NCAA is backwards. It should be an advocate for the student-athletes instead it usually acts a hinderance.